Wissahickon - New Digs / by Kyle Dumont

Not sure I deserved the gifts that Santa bestowed this year, but I was chomping at the bit to take my new DSLR for a spin.

I'm loving the upgrade from my old point and shoot, both from a functionality (bracketing is the nice) and a picture quality standpoint (gonna need a bigger hd).

And what's more? Lightroom 5!! Not pirated!!

Lightroom 5 has gotten to the point where I pretty much don't need Photoshop anymore. 

The keen observer might notice that these shots are all from right around the Wissahickon station and that's because I had some time to kill till the train came. The real test drive for the new gear was Allegheny. But that's for another post. Thanks for the awesome equip Adams'. I'll put it to good use.